Opt In Web Pros SEO / Social Media Plans

What if I need more Keywords and/or social media platforms?

The pricing for each social media management management / seo plan is based on quality vs. quantity.

The pricing for a seo/ social media marketing plan that includes all 4 major social media platforms starts at $499 per month and includes video based marketing strategies and 250+ keywords and 100 auto-posts per month for serious entrepreneurs and business owners.

How many platforms should you target?

A single managed platform starts at $49 per month.

How many posts per week would you like?

12 posts per month is the minimum recommended starting point for most small businesses, and our budget plan includes this many posts on a single platform.

Combining custom content written for SEO with Social Media Marketing strategies is a extremely effective strategy for small businesses. Join now or email us at info@optinwebpros.com for a custom quote.

Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. All of our plans incorporate cutting edge software suite to ensure social media, seo, content marketing and email marketing are all incorporated into a sophisticated online marketing strategy that builds your brand and business.

Before signing up with just any seo company, make sure they have a proven track record and highly effective plan.

Simply doing one strategy like blogging or social media posting will often have little benefit without building brand awareness, trust and visibility at the same time.

Email us at info@optinwebpros.com for a custom quote.